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Benefits of Massage



Ayurveda recommends whole body oil massage on a daily basis.
If not daily, at least regularly, oleating head, ears and feet to support a healthy life.

Oil massage has a soothing effect on the nervous system,
and especially benefits those on a fast speed track.
People who are subject to plenty stress, who travel excessively, who have a nervous tendency, especially necessitate daily oil massages.

Sneha means Oil in Sanskrit, an old Indo-European language, in which Ayurveda texts were written.
Sneha also mean Love.
Snehana means Loving.

Abhyanga, the most common ayurvedic treatment acts like an elixir for modern people.

It is especially important in city life, where it protects our aura and shields from mental and physical pollution.
It posesses numerous health benefits. Even a gentle oil massage increases lymph flow, which function is to eliminate wastes. The digestion gets improved. Sleep and energy levels are strenghtened, the immune system gets a boost and stress is literally dissolved after an oil massage.
In the long run, it heals and prevents nervous system disorders, BP problems, increases life span and prevents old-age diseases.

Let this inexpensive luxury habit enter your daily lives.