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Personal Story


Diana Mistrikova

Diana Mistrikova

Prasanna Atma Indriyah Manah
Swastha Iti Abhideeyanthi.

Sushruta Samhita, SU. 1. 41

A person with happy soul, senses and mind
is called a healthy person.

What AIR is to LIFE,
what SOUND is to the EARS,
what TOUCH is to the SKIN,
what LIGHT is to the EYES,
what TASTE is to the TONGUE,
what LOVE is to the HEART,
FREEDOM is to the SOUL.

Diana’s life journey began on one early summer morning 1983 in Slovakia. The whole family overjoyed, especially her father who chose the name Diana for her. Her name represents the Roman goddess of hunting, moon, and natural world. Her childhood was picturesque; surrounded by nature.

Since little she has been fascinated by studying foreign languages and experiencing their culture alongside. As the old proverb says: „As many languages you know as many times you are a human being“; indeed her foreign experinces openened brand new horizons to her and made her a more universal person. Human unity and integration had been her n.1 choice, especially when chosing her field of study.

She opted for a masters in Economics of European integration, where she also learnt that the chief EU founder country was considering a possible disintergration from the EU. This broke her european dream and led her to seek fortune in Asia. Her brother opened the door and took her via the trans-siberean railway all the way to China. During the six weeks spent across rural and metropolitan China, she knew, she had to return to work and live there very soon.

Luckily, shortly after her China trip, a global firm opened the gates to Asia for her again, and she started working for them in India, with a plan to move to their China office thereafter. Doing an office job in India gave her the opportunity to discover the magic of Yoga.

Thanks to yoga she got quickly rid off long-standing neck and back problems and other health disturbances, which she had carried along from the developed industrialized world. Within two years of her office job, life called her for a change.

After the intital trials & tribulations, she took off with her Ayurveda studies in New Delhi, India. Thereafter, she practiced her newly learnt technical skills in Kathmandu, Nepal and continued in New Delhi, India for a few months.

Eventually she returned to Europe, further enhanced her Yoga skills volunteering at Sivananda Yoga. Finally, signed up for another Ayurveda 2 years learning course organized from the US. Inbetween, she had been working for different firms, to earn her living.

And then again, her soul called her back to India for further study with ayurvedic doctors she had met at an international Ayurveda conference.

During the course of her study and practice in India, she felt the need to complement her Ayurveda knowledge and see different perspectives, so she travelled to try her luck with ayurvedic Vaidyas in Nepal.

Thereafter she spent two years living. learning and teaching Ayurveda life-style in Nepal. Her students were foreign expatriates living in Nepal trying to bring their bodies back in sync with nature, and then she was teaching south Indian ayurvedic massages across spas in tourist hotels.

Life in Nepal was good, very modest. She would wake up with the sunrise when the roosters started crowing. And went to bed in romantic ambiance with candle lights, mainly due to long electricity cuts. No wonder ayurvedic doctors in Nepal often laughed, how people in the West ask for sleeping pills, when there was no such requirement for locals. Understanding to live with the seasonal cycles as is taught in Ayurveda became also very simple. Because there were only fresh fruits and veggies in season in the local markets where she did grocery shopping. Overall, the living was less insulated from the outside world.

No adventure lasts forever. After two long years in Nepal, her body was longing for more comfort and the next destination became Germany, where she happily landed working for a 5* Ayurveda hotel. She was fascinated that this Ayurveda hotel has been offering pancha karma to international guests for more than two decades.

At last came the time to say goodbye and open a new chapter of life. To share the ayurvedic healing touch and knowledge with a wider population and to make it more affordable.

Ayu Asmin Vidyate anen Ayurveda! ~ Wherever there is life, there is Ayurveda!