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Introduction to yoga

Introduction to Yoga


Yoga is a Sanskrit word, derived from the word ‘jug’ meaning unity. Practicing yoga helps to balance the body and the mind and create harmony with the rest of the world. It helps to cultivate awareness and bring greater integrity and clarity between thinking, talking and acting.

Yoga is helpful for people with varying strengths and inclinations. Aim of our Yoga classes is to bring our bodies in flow and our minds in focus.

At Diana Ayurveda you may experience from beginner level to slightly advanced yoga classes. Gentle yoga classes loosen up energy blockages, relieve tiredness and take away the stress from the body, which accummulatd after long hours of one-sided activity.

Practicing Yoga regularly helps prevent common health issues like high blood pressure, arthritis, heart problems and relieve their symptoms. Every yoga class ends with a guided relaxation, called Yoga Nidra or Yogic sleep.


Every hour you spend with your mind,

you need to work one hour on Prana, the life force.

Think of three qualities you want your life to be like

and apply them to your breath.